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6 things that will never go out of style

In the name of #farshun, and to celebrate the eponymous annual event; MB Fashion Week Australia I’ve compiled a list of 6 things that will never go out of style.

Spare no expense because these quintessential pieces will add polish, purpose and presence to every floor you walk.

1. A crisp white shirt – Simplicity never gets old and a white shirt in your favourite style(s) is the quintessential piece for anyone who values sophistication.

2. Books – Brains are better than boobs. Books are the almost literally the gift of life. If knowledge = power, and power (of the mind) helps to positive living then books really are life. Read all you can, then read some more. You’ll never stop growing, and your brain will always be gorgeous.

3. (Ripped) Denim – Denim has so much character, as a unique fabric I would argue that it’s one of the only materials that looks and feels better with age, grit and general wear and tear. Denim moulds to your body and thanks to our diverse Australian culture we can dress it both up and down. Like all the best things in life, denim gets richer with age.

4.Textures – If you generally abide by the rule of “Less is More”, then when it comes to texture play the rules are inverted. Textures jolt the senses into overdrive causing the involuntary overlap of imagination and cognitive thought that comes only from the subtlety of touch.

5. Emotional Intelligence and general courtesy – Being self aware, emotionally astute and knowing yourself well enough to be able to maintain your demeanour despite the circumstances is worth its weight in velvet. You can read more about emotional intelligence here

6. Passion – Having passion, diligence and drive for something will never get old. Even the dullest of minds come alive when carried by a wave of deeply ingrained knowledge. Whatever your passion, don’t abandon it. In fact, be in its presence as much as humanly possible.

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