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How to tell if he's into you. Understanding male Body language.

To me, it’s extremely obvious when a man is interested or disinterested in a woman, but that’s possibly because I’ve spent hours being a secret agent in voyeurism and have perfected the art of observation.

The average man uses around 13,000 less words than his female counterpart per day. Which has absolutely nothing to do with signals being confusing or non-existent, and everything to do with women relying too heavily on words and not paying enough attention to actions.

Here's 4 tell tale signs to look for:

1. He’ll try to attract your attention.

Some men turn into the class clown to make sure you notice them, others will find an excuse to help you, or resort to obsequiousness. Another type will subtly disengage from the group he’s in by slightly moving away. This is to assert himself as an individual.

2. He’ll be erect.

By this, I mean he’ll make sure his body appears as strong and upright as possible. It’s a sign of physical dominance and an insurance that he’s presenting his best possible self to you. Slouching and poor posture, therefore indicate lack of interest.

3. He'll pay attention.

Men are simple by design which means they take the most efficient route to getting where and what they want. If they go out of the way to show that they’ve remembered a specific detail, event or personal fact, bringing it up without prompting, then they’re keen and showing this interest is a tactical move in nearing his goal.

4. He’ll let you catch you checking him out.

This is my favourite point, because it’s all about men using a little bit of reverse visual manipulation - yeah, it happens. Obviously he’s spent oodles of time perving on you already. For men this happens autonomously before they’ve even opened their mouths to introduce themselves. So, when he allows you to catch his gaze as it’s visually tracing your best assets then he’s giving you an insight into how he feels, which is warm and tingly (mostly in the pants area).

Next time you're wondering if he's into you spend less time talking around in circles with your friends and more time observing the way he acts around you.

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