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Insert Positivity Here

Just like spray on sex appeal, an instant (legal) mood lift is pretty much a fallacy. Or is it? I’ve written hundreds of words on how to shift your mental state, find clarity, seduce yourself and beat the blues but most of them require the long game approach. So, for the moment I’m focusing on the small things you can do to instantly make you look on the brighter side of life.

When you’re feeling really flat and anybody suggests that you should ‘lighten up’ or ‘smile’ I know that the only thing you really feel like doing is punching them.

On that note I’ll just leave this list of ideas right here for when you may need them.

  1. Rub your face on anything furry, or roll around in a cocoon of various of textures

  2. Light candles. Specific scents actually fast track different feelings; lavender and geranium relax us and citrusy smells increase happiness.

  3. Drink 1 x bucket of Amaretto Sours

  4. Stand on your head – extra blood flow to the head increases positivity (that's why they make you do it in yoga classes)

  5. Dance in Yo Undies – For details read here

  6. Go to a cup cake shop and have a bite of EVERYTHING

  7. Lie in bed and scroll through the Fuck Jerry’s Instagram account and laugh til you cry

  8. Apply red lipstick and your favourite outfit and fake it til you make it.

  9. Sniff vanilla. It's known to encourage the release of endorphins in the body

  10. Jump into a large body of water and yell as loud as you possibly can

  11. Do a poo. Pooing stimulates the nerve endings in your bum (also wanted to check you’re still reading…)

  12. Buy yourself a bunch of flowers – they'll make you smile

  13. Spend all your money on something Chanel, Alexander Wang or YSL and commit to the fact that life is better with luxury goods, even if you are starving

  14. Jump out of a plane – Adrenaline causes natural stimulation of serotonin

  15. Orgasm – Applicable in all scenarios and a guaranteed mood enhancer

  16. Get fistfuls of glitter and throw it, EVERYWHERE.

Smiles & Love.


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