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Men like Competition and Steak – Part 2

Remain a challenge and keep a man interested

When you make things too easy for men; offer yourself on a silver platter wearing lingerie only, buy all of the drinks, or, make all of the first moves then it’s more than likely that their interest in you will subside just as easily. Without a challenge men simply get bored. After the initial thrill (and subsequent ego boost) that a babe is hitting on him dissipates, he’ll fall into complacency because it required such minimal effort to woo you in the first place.

The solution? For as long as you can manage – for EVER if this is possible, stay a little bit of a challenge. This is critical to maintaining a sense of mystery in any type of relationship, and it will also help keep you independence solid too.

If you teach a man from the very beginning of a relationship that he needs to make effort to be with you then his competitive drive will remain engaged, he’ll stay interested and continue to believe that you are worth making effort for.

Some of my advice around relationships and understanding men can come across as convoluted or abstract but really it’s not. I am not encouraging you to complicate things or to play games. There's absolutely no need to play games to incite effort from a man.

In fact, what you’re actually doing is nothing.

You’re sitting back and waiting for the natural cause of events to unravel. Of course, say hi, smile, wear low cut tops and perhaps even initiate a conversation. Then, if your feminine charm is doing its thang, the boy is attracted to you, doesn’t have a girlfriend, likes women and isn’t a fuckwit then he will slowly try and work out what HE has to do to charm you. This is excellent. And the beauty of it is that even as you see sparks starting to fly and little cupids shooting bows & arrows in the air, you still don’t have to do anything.


Simply have faith that if this guy likes you then he will do all of the hard work for you. He will sweat and plan profusely and make moves to show you, clearly, that he is interested.

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