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NYD, the new NYE

I like doing things at the exact opposite time that everyone else is doing them. I get a secret thrill out of being home during Christmas holidays when the roads are free of traffic, gyms silents and cool and the supermarkets echo with every footstep. It’s such a welcome change to to the city’s usually bustling environment. Unfortunately the festive season at home also brings the residual stress of a decision for NYE plans.

I hate NYE for all of the above reasons. There’s too many people wedged hotly into small spaces trying to watch fireworks, buy an overpriced drink or feign enjoyment. Give me a bowl of oysters and glass of champagne while sitting on the balcony enjoying the warm, summer breeze and I’m a happy girl.

For those of us who don’t enjoy shellfish and bubbles what are the alternate options for (un)NYE or NYD adventures to avoid the usual chaos of the annual event?

* Host a brunch on NYD – the promise of Mimosas by 10 and the responsibility of having to cook eggs to appease guests should make it easy enough to avoid going out on NYE.

* Go to the movies – build a pillow fortress and illegally refill your frozen coke dozens of times, AND spike it with vodka

* Set your intentions for the new year and have some quiet time focusing on them. Try not to make your resolutions too prescriptive (and limiting) but instead focus on the way you will feel after achieving them. Don’t forget to include some fun ones too like learning Spanish, doing a Hunter Valley tour or staring a blog. Choose a friend to share them with and you’ll find it easier to hold yourself accountable.

* Have an active morning and then spend the rest of the day at the beach. Take some ciders for the afternoon, have fish and chips on the beach and head home content, full and ready for an early night.

* Be an uber driver for the night and charge drunk people ludicrous amounts of money for a lift home. Supply chips and you’ll be in hot demand

* Devote the evening to catching up on all the articles you’ve bookmarked for later reading, trawling your favourite websites lazily flicking through magazines or attending to some of the books on your bed side table. Run a bath, throw in some lavender oil, light some candles and enjoy.

* Have friends around for a Cheese Platter, Burritos or DIY Sushi night (hey, if they come to you then bad NYE experiences are limited by proxy for you.

* Commit to a yoga class on NYD morning, or better yet go to a yoga retreat

* Make a time capsule, or for those creatives out there use photos or words to recap the year into a folder, document, painting or summary. You’ll enjoy reflecting on it for years to come.

* Do something proactive that you’ve been ‘meaning to do’ for months but have continuously put off because your mojito cravings always got the better of you. e.g.. plant a herb garden, sort through your clothes, frame and hang your pictures, organise your book collection.

* Spend the evening planning and booking your next holiday, that way you’ll have something to look forward to as soon as you begin work again for the year.

However you chose to spend it, Happy New Years!

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