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Shitty First Draft

I recently stumbled across The Shitty First Draft; a concept that’s been explored and dissected by two wonderful, contemporary thinkers.

One gives us a creative perspective and the other a humanitarian vision. Brought together they’re the perfect combination of passion, pain and humility. In the space of creative integrity, Anne Lamott explores the catharsis and ceremonial release and reward of writing, whilst Brene Brown is well recognised for creating relatable short cuts to understanding the human foibles of shame and vulnerability.

Perfectionism is the main obstacle between you and your Shitty First Draft and both Lammott and Brown seek to exploit and banish the concept from our everyday mentality.

Believe me, The Shitty First draft isn’t a concept reserved only for those creatives out there, it’s a pervasive toxic thought habit that can seriously shake your sense of self.

Let me explain.

The Shitty First draft is the personal perception that dominates (and overrides) the reality of a situation, creation, relationship or moment. As Brene Brown acutely describes, it’s the space between reality and what we tell ourselves is reality.

Let's look at women in a relationship to highlight an example of an everyday SFD (whether you’re a creator or not). We all know that the modern day woman tries to be her own version of a unicorn. Holding down a career, staying fit, pursuing creative ambition, looking good, smelling delicious and being a domestic goddess are all commonplace on a woman’s list of priorities. Drop the ball though and we instantly relegate ourselves to being a shit woman/wife/lover/girlfriend/partner or friend. We all do it, we all think that small mistakes have larger than life consequences; forget to wear matching underwear and bam you’re not a sexual being anymore and how can you expect your lover to be interested in ravishing you anymore?!

And that, right there is the Shitty First Draft and the consequences that come into play when we allow our thoughts to get carried away based more on insecurity than reality.

Whether you’re a creator or just a normal everyday human in reckless pursuit of passion, perfection or positivity make sure that your Shitty First Draft, remains as just that.. a draft, a replaceable work in progress and a momentary thought that makes you improve instead of relegating you back down to your false shittiness.

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