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The eyes Chico, they never lie: How to tell if SHE's into you.

In a rare occasion of willing subversion I’m taking one for the boys and giving solid insights into the magnificently perplexing but irresistible female kind. I may write predominately to and for women, but trust me, there’s plenty of males that wind up just as dazed & confused. Trust me, I field their complaints, regularly.

Women are typically pegged as being more ambiguous in their behaviour and intentions than males. It’s common to experience confusion between the sexes and blurred lines when it comes to emotions, dating, love, sex and friendship. It's worth noting that women use approximately 13,000 more words (on average) per day than men, so listening to what women say remains a very relevant tip.

Here’s a few extra clues to help you ascertain whether you’ve been relegated to the friend zone or if she’s actually into you.

Eyes – Whoever said the eyes were the windows to the soul was not hanging around to fuck spiders. The eyes are a solid indicator of feelings, but you need to know what to look for. Trite as they may be, cartoons that depict a girl with a sparkle in her eye directed at her beau are seriously on point. That twinkle illustrates a heady combo of infatuation and nascent desire. Look for that.

The other giveaway is the opposite of what you might initially think it is. A woman that flirts with her eyes via a wink or a hard stare is being more playful (and sexually) forward than anything. She wants you, but she’s not yet invested in the outcome. If a woman has bouts of shyness around you, or steals glances only to look away, she feels unsettled by you and her behaviour is mirroring her feelings. It’s an unconscious battle between desire and vulnerability. A woman who is into you will also (subtly) scan a room for you as she enters. Her gaze will settle on you for a moment and then she’ll drag her eyes away. 

Unconscious touch – OTT touch, that is, grabbing or grinding is an indicator that she’s out for hard action in the short term. On the contrary, subtle touches are indicative of the simple fact that she wants to be close to you, and in your presence. Usually you can’t fake touch (unless you’re super practiced) so if touch feels awkward, planned, or contrived then it’s probably disingenuous.

Scent – Olfactory senses are a huge component in the charm department and it’s another simple, but super effective way for a woman to subconsciously communicate their interest in you. Scent + Pheromones are a toxic combination when it comes to influence. See here.

Details – Not all women can, or will dress exactly to your taste. That’s one of the rewards of being a women, we can have such a dynamism in our femininity, regardless of overall looks. A woman you’ve met recently won’t necessarily dress to impress you, but she’ll still to go the extra mile to look good. If she likes you she’ll be polished, in whatever brand of beauty she ascribes to. The secret is to pay attention to the details of her appearance; particularly her nails, hair and skin. If she likes you, she’ll be glowing without an eyelash out of place.

Thoughtfulness – It’s true, women are the softer touch of the sexes, but a woman that likes you will remember small details about you, the things you mention and the experiences you share together. Then she’ll gracefully bring them to your attention at the right moment.

Now don’t be so oblivious. Go get em boys.

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