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The Trifecta

“In New York, you can have a great job, a great apartment and a great companion, but not all three” – Carrie Bradshaw

In life, is it possible to have exactly what you want in perfectly, precise portions, all at the same time? Or is balance just a myth that humans have invented to ensure that we continue to strive for that elusive sense of harmony. And, is it possible to even contemplate any sense of higher fulfilment (actualisation, nirvana, bliss spiritual embodiment) before you’ve really nailed the basic life trifecta?

Recognised as the number that represents harmony, wisdom and attainment, so many things in life are consummated, divided and assessed by the rule of 3. The trifecta refers to the most ‘important’ three facets of modern adult life; work, love and living.

Simple huh? Mmmmaybe not. The Trifecta is the question and the answer to why even the most simple things in life are the most tricky. Home, Work and Love (Relationships/Friends/Family) are fundamental human needs (ask any sociologist) but in a contemporary setting, where choice, desire, demand and expectations are thicker than smog, having it all in your corner is quite an achievement. This is particularly the case in cities like Sydney where finding a decent partner, rewarding job and/or fantastic living space is like looking for a unicorn in a bag of concrete.

Everyone’s ideal trifecta varies slightly according to their priorities, but generally speaking if just one of these needs is compromised you will certainly know about it. When more than one facet of the triangle lapses our lives fall into temporary disarray. When only one is lacking it’s more of a challenge than a breaking point. Here’s some common warning signs that your golden trifecta might be falling into the realm of chaos:

  1. you’re smelly because you’re homeless

  2. you’re sick because you cannot afford to pay for fruit and vegetables to keep you healthy and $1 hot dogs from Ikea have less nutrients than a plank of wood

  3. you run to the bathroom at work and cry at least 4 times per day because you hate your job

  4. the only time you share your thoughts or emotions is with your cat

  5. you have a mansion and top tier career but nobody to take on sales commission holidays because you’re at said job 22 hours per day and only interact with a barista and man selling you petrol

The worst thing about the trifecta is that the fulfilment of all points is influenced by the other 2 points and sometimes to patch one up you have to pay attention to another. Whatever amount of discomfort that you feel in the face of aiming for "perfection" you can rest assured that all of us are always working away at chiselling our own golden trifecta into perfection.

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