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What men really think about make up

In the early days of conceptualizing this website was reading and writing a lot of articles specifically aimed at single women navigating the volatile landscape of the dating world. While I was doing this research, I came across a website called The Rules Revisited. Its point of difference is that it provides dating insights from a male. Moreover, said male is intelligent, intuitive, and honest which gives him a powerful platform of persuasion. 

A question often debated by women is: What do men actually think about the visual sorcery that is make up? Are they fooled? Do they love it? And what do they really think the morning after? 

Thanks to The Rules Revisited, I can give you a solid answer. 

Here’s the cosmetic gospel according to men:

1. Men don’t know anything about makeup:

FALSE. Lets not be ridiculous here, men know zero about how much make up costs, how to use illuminator, or what the fuck we do with it to create the sorcery that we use to seduce them visually, repeatedly and miraculously. They also do not know how much effort we go to just to look a certain way (for their benefit.) But that’s a whole different rant.

2. You should try to make a good first impression.

TRUE. Yes, men do notice when you look hot and despite how much they may bitch about women  faffing about in the bathroom they enjoy the fact that you want to look good for them. They will also notice if you don’t try to make a good first impression with your appearance.

3. Eventually he will see you without makeup.

TRUE. As sure as the sun will rise and you will spill coffee on your new white shirt, the man will see you sans make up. Don’t do the thing where you get up at 5am every morning to paint your face before he wakes up, because this does two things: 1. Indicates that he is an idiot if he believes you wake up with Mac #1 Red lips and 2. Continues the illusion of perfection and therefore greatly ruins your near future and anxiety levels when you try to be Cinderella all of the time, even while hiking, and during shower sex.

4. Longevity of relationship does not indicate that you should stop wearing make up. 

TRUE. Not disregarding the above point, but, men do not stop getting that little spark of attraction when you get glammed up and they're reminded that you are a super fucking mega babe. Men need this reminder every now and again. Your relationship status also doesn’t protect you from his desire dwindling when you do not make an effort. Just because you’re a girlfriend by technicality, does not make you a unicorn with beer flavoured nipples and that you are exempt from the whole effort thing.

5. Seems completely contradictory, but men don’t like it when your life is dominated by vanity. 

TRUE. This is just another one of those tricky balancing acts that women have to juggle. Too vain = self obsessed. Not vain enough = lazy and undesirable. Go figure.

6. He does realise that you will be less hot without makeup.

TRUE. This is all factored into the attraction equation that is prominent at the very initial stages of meeting one another. Ipso facto he’s not going to see you without make up and suddenly think you are a gremlin that lives in a dry creek bed. He expects (and has already calculated) your looks without makeup.

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