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Why He Hasn’t Asked You Out?

I believe that this is possibly the most commonly pondered question in the history of woman hood. Eve herself probably agonized over Adam’s intentions for hours while she plaited her vine head wreath. Women all over the world can be found banding together in groups, clutching bottles of wine and tubs of ice cream as they analyze and obsess over the details to the most pervasive puzzle ever known to womankind; “Why hasn’t he asked me out?”

Let me set the scene: You meet a guy at work/your local coffee shop/the gym/through your social circle and bump into him regularly. A smile becomes "Hello" and soon enough you’re chatting flirtatiously. You put more effort into your appearance when you think you’ll see him.

You make sure you see him. The penny drops and you realise that you like him. A few weeks pass and the pleasantries continue. You’re sure there’s a connection but despite your subtle hinting and strategic cleavage, he still hasn’t asked you out.

Why? Why? WHY?

Here it is.

If a man is not asking you out this is why:

A) He has a girlfriend. Many, many guys are very sneaky about keeping their girl under wraps. Some don’t advertise it loudly or on social media and don’t involve them in all areas of their lives. Some carry themselves like they are single when they are alone. And some, actively flirt with other women anyway, which is generally either an ego boost or because they’re slimy pricks.

B) He’s gay. You should be able to work this one out, but in the case that your gaydar isn’t quite as well defined as mine, do some quick investigating. Usually asking how his weekend was will do the trick.

C) He’s not interested in you that way. I’m sorry, it’s harsh but sometimes it’s the bottom line. Think about it, women do this too.

The reality is, if a man likes you enough he will ask you out.

And that’s really all there is to it.

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