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Why He Hasn’t Asked You Out – Part 2

I’m sure he likes me, so why hasn't he asked me out?

Got a loophole not listed in Part One?

Read on, for exceptions to the rule.

D) He’s too lazy – In the case that he is too lazy to ask you out (despite our assumption that he likes you) then this does not mean you should do the work for him. If he’s too lazy now, he’ll never be anything but uninspired, boring and well, lazy. Babysitting a sloth does not for a life make. E) He’s shy – If he is shy he will man up and ask you out eventually. Men live for a challenge (and a Steak). F) He’s tying up loose ends – If he’s seeing someone else and ‘trying to end it’ then it’s simply bad luck. Sometimes timing is not on our side. However, if he’s being honest and does really like you, he’ll use the block feature on his iPhone and get his boy scout on to tie up those knots quick smart so he can ask you out. G) He’s oblivious – If he is oblivious then it’s not your job to make him aware, by strategically rubbing his face in your boobs. If he’s silly enough to not realise what’s in front of him then it’s his loss. Chances are, he will eventually realise and oblivious his ass into action. If he’s uncertain about your relationship status he just needs a little bit more time to find the reassurance that you are single. Once he gets that he should ask you out. H) He’s intimidated by you – There’s 2 options. He gets over it and asks you out, or he never gets over it and ends up dating someone that makes him feel very comfortable (and bored). #YAWN. See, Reach or Settle.

There you have it, a very definitive answer to possibly the worlds hardest question. Remember, if a man is interested in you romantically then he will do something about it.

If you have a unique scenario that you think warrants a different exception and needs more analysis please comment below or email me at

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