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Why men who massage are extremely clever

There’s an abundance of things in life that men and women approach differently. Sometimes this is the result of clear, cognitive processing paths, and other times it’s for fluctuating reasons which are more emotionally inclined. It’s captivating that men and women can view the elements of love, sexuality and intimacy so adversely, even when their experience is shaped by and through the other gender.

Men and women value massage from opposite ends of the spectrum. Perhaps this is rooted in the way we feel about physical touch and how much we yearn for it, or, how much we’ve relegated it to the realms of obligation. Crucial to the difference is that physical touch applied with the right placement and pressure, for men, can alleviate tension to create pleasure in the long term. Think massage for the purpose of resolution; to heal injury, which is generally why men seek it out; for a specific reason or result.

For women, physical touch has the unique ability to create tension whilst simultaneously releasing stress. If administered in the right way the tension can organically amount to passion. Therefore, women enjoy massage for the opposite reason to men; they’re seduced into the present and enjoy the experience. The end result, almost accidentally, is a cultivation of positive feelings.

Sex and massage bare a striking resemblance and their similarities are less than coincidental. Where one naturally dips into eroticism, the other winds into intimacy. Both are a delicate balance of touch and pleasure with the outcomes being the same: you feel good.

The fact that women enjoy the subtle and implied pleasure of massage is no surprise. Isn’t that the key to unlocking the entire gender?

Subtleties seduce.

Women enjoy seduction via subtlety; they require longer foreplay, more romance and the constant nuance of attention to ensure their interest remains intact. Massage is also a wise tool to implement in moments of heightened stress. Often, a warm touch is the only necessary reminder we need to be present, and quickly disperses anxiety.

Men are extremely clever if they use this small bit of knowledge to their advantage. In fact, they’re well ahead of the game and all of their counterparts that ignore it. All it takes is the offer of a massage and half a stroke of a bare back and a woman has already 85% convinced herself that sex with him is a good idea.

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