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Dating but disillusioned? Dumped and disenchanted or just utterly confused about why your relationships start out as a romance roller coaster and end in a dumpster fire?


The Boy Detox Course is a month-long detox, specifically tailored to help you reset your dating life. In the space of a month you’ll dig deep to let go of the past and learn how to consciously focus on yourself. 

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With guidance and insights from Jess Matthews, Dating & Relationship coach you’ll complete daily tasks, designed to help you better understand your emotions, take accountability for past mistakes, spot your default behaviours and weaknesses in dating and prioritise living with intention.

The result is incredible growth in self awareness, recognition of your true needs and the confidence to approach dating and relationships with clarity and authenticity. 


  • Have disconnected from dating for 31 days

  • Spent a full month dedicated to focusing on yourself

  • Learn how to Self Soothe 

  • Increase your self awareness and be able to take accountability for your flaws and mistakes 

  • Understand what Self Love means to you

  • Understand your communication style within relationships 

  • Understand your triggers within relationships

  • Get crystal clear what you need in a relationship

  • Detach from exes and past lovers 

  • Be able to reframe rejection as a POSTIVE

  • Stop wasting time and energy on people who do not deserve it

  • Be able to identify Red Flags quicker 

  • Set clear boundaries 

  • Learn to prioritise yourself and your own goals 

  • Recognise your value and positive attributes 

  • Develop confidence in dating with INTENTION

Here's what people are saying about The Boy Detox Course 

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