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Whether you’re a single person trying to bounce back from heartbreak, feeling alone after a series of dating misdemeanours, are completely disenchanted by the dating landscape or can’t escape the niggling feeling that you might actually be the problem,

The Boy Detox Course is for you.


The Boy Detox Course is an an immersive four week experience that guides you through

an intentional disconnection from dating.


It will bring clarity to your past dating experiences, help you to understand your emotions, spot red flags, set better boundaries, recognise your value and ultimately help you focus on YOURSELF.  

Struggling with dating?

Are you wildly disenchanted by the modern dating world, disillusioned by dalliances with fuckboys (or girls), nursing a broken heart or can't find the confidence to even go on a date? 

If you've ever found yourself in a dating slump, feel ready to find your ideal partner, want to spice up your sexual repertoire or create a deeper connection in your current relationship then you're in the right place. 

Connect with me via a free 15 minute Discovery Call.

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