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7 Habits Making You Undateable

Dateable: Adj

Meaning suitable for dating. Dateable is a term used to assess (in the affirmative or negative) whether you are good company, usually in a romantic sense. Being described as dateable means you are more than ‘just’ attractive enough to sleep with and insinuates a desire to spend time with you on a scale(s of both) longevity or repeatability. So, what, pray tell makes one undateable?

  1. Being a Boozehound. Going on a first date with someone who needs to spew half way through the meal, drinks cocktails instead of eating or slurs their words is not hot. We all need a little social lubrication to get through those uncomfortable moments in life but dancing on a bar does not a great date make.

  2. Being disingenuous; fake or lying about your job, friendship group, hobbies or lifestyle. Why? Because sooner or later it will become apparent that you’re telling porkies. Take it from me, there comes a point when you have to actually be honest about your age before the confusion of meeting your younger brother unravels when his school friends are older than your date. Oops.

  3. Being too hard to pin down. Sure, playing hard to get is a strategy that fulfils the challenge aspect of the chase but being too hard to get only results in not getting got aka missing out on someone, or something you may have wanted.

  4. Being a man hater. Imagine a little devil following you around and taunting you with a fiery rod every time you spoke, moved or drew breath. Hanging out with someone who hates your gender with the fire of a thousand suns is just like that; torture. Not only is this attitude unsavoury but men are super sensitive and very critical of it (can’t say I really blame them). If you’re bitter towards the (opposite) sex then don’t date them (yet). Be mature enough to know what is or isn’t right for you and go and sort it out without putting anyone else down in the process.

  5. Eau de Desperacion. Being too open, forward or sexually explicit. Not only is this not classy but desperate behaviour can be spotted from a mile away, and therefore is more likely to result in you being avoided. Like the plague.

  6. Having the personality of dry toast. Being boring, and this means if you’re pretending not to be boring then you’re actually boring. If you can’t be yourself, or more importantly, you don’t like yourself then how can you expect to woo someone who does? Instead of going to the effort of embellishing details about a passion that you pretend to have why not focus your energy on actually finding that passion? Then you’ll exude that instead of a forced, awkward version of yourself coughing up fur-balls while you pretend that you’re totally into ice hockey, stand up comedy or horticulture.

  7. Lacking confidence – Be comfortable in your own skin. Recognise your good traits and acknowledge your imperfections. Know there’s a fine line between confidence and narcissism but having confidence in yourself means that you will have the integrity to adhere to the above points naturally, and with an air of sophistication.


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